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Besides Facebook, Youtube not only has the most active users worldwide, but according to Netflix is also responsible for 11% of global video traffic. Currently Youtube has more than 1 billion regular users and reaches more than 40 million people every month in Germany. Not only music producers or beauty bloggers post there – meanwhile companies have also recognized the relevance of integrating Youtube into their marketing strategy.


More Views and Subscribers = More Brand Awareness

Companies and service providers not only give their brand a face with their own channel on Youtube, but also convey closeness and credibility to customers and new customers. Own content and the recommendation by other creators are essential on the “mother of all video platforms” to be successful. The problem here is that the channel or the content needs attention, i.e. subscribers and interactions, so that the Youtube algorithm perceives it and places it accordingly in the search results or on recommendation lists.


Honest Likes, Comments & Subscribers for more reach

A strong presence on Youtube as well as the continuous maintenance of this is essential for the growth of your own brand. Lutendo supports you on your way to more brand awareness.

Maximize your success with Lutendo

Use our network of well over 100,000 testers – all over Europe. Our method is based on a tried and tested and very successful system, which we have already implemented with many thousands of customers: You offer an attractive deal to a potential target group so that they can apply for it.


Generate real ratings with Lutendo

Let’s say you are a gamer, musician, beauty blogger or run a company with your own Youtube Chanel where you publish your content. To promote your channel or a special video you simply create a deal on Lutendo:

Raffle of 10 cinema / douglas / restaurant vouchers worth 15 Euro each

You can of course define the duration individually (one-time, permanent, time-limited etc.) in order to regularly collect new visitors, potential (regular) customers and thus enable your profile to grow naturally. Interested testers apply directly to you via our platform and you select them according to your desired criteria.

Why Lutendo is the best choice

Satisfied customers
Customers can′t be wrong
Successful campaigns
Until your first campaign

Your benefits

  • Cost-effective advertising

    You generate cost-effective advertising for your company or service and reach your potential target group very effectively via our platform directly or indirectly.

  • More interaction

    The testers will evaluate, comment and advertise your content/service/product on Youtube as well as use your service regularly if you are interested, follow your content and much more.

  • Better visibility

    By regular new and above all real Views, Likes, comments, Shares & Co. improve you your visibility and range on Youtube and win new customers and/or subscribers.

  • Individual arrangements

    You can discuss individual agreements and deals with the testers – such as ratings, follow-ups, posts, comments, shares, likes, tag promotions, video contests etc. – also on other social media channels.

4 Schritte für eine bessere Online Reputation & Reichweite

Step 1: Plan your campaign

Think about how many campaigns and testers you will need in your social campaign and choose the appropriate package.

Step 2: Publish campaign

Decide for which social media channel your campaign is intended and create an attractive campaign on Lutendo to receive as many applications as possible.

Step 3: Launch campaign

Your social deals campaign goes online on Lutendo. Interested testers can apply for your offer. Select qualified testers to test your product/service/ service after activation. During the promotion campaign you can communicate with the testers via the internal chat, clarify questions, discuss individual deals, etc.

Step 4: Grow

Depending on the direction of your campaign, you will receive followers, votes, likes, views, honest recommendations and ratings on the desired portals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With Social Deals campaigns and Lutendo Micro Influencers you can not only fight against negative rating actions, but also increase your reach and awareness on various social media channels to exploit unused potential.

For example, if you have booked the Professional package with Lutendo and have 10 campaigns available per month, you can use 5 campaigns for online marketplaces and 5 campaigns for different social media channels.

You can create Social Deals campaigns individually according to your wishes and needs. In the settings, you can define for which channel the campaign is intended, and you can also determine the offer of the campaign itself. Would you like to collect votes with the Lutendo testers and raffle attractive prizes among the participants? Then design a campaign like this! When creating a campaign, choose Contact as an option instead of Discount or Refund and inform the participants about the conditions of the competition in the campaign notes.

It’s simple: Start a social campaign on Lutendo. For example: Saturday only 10 Euro for a 30-min treatment – in return we want an honest evaluation on Facebook and Google. You see the possibilities with the Social Deals campaign are manifold.

Start Lutendo with a review campaign to show off the most interesting customer opinions on your offers. In the next step you can possibly create a social campaign: “Advertise my product on Facebook & Instagram with a post and a 20% voucher code for your friends and readers created by us and get our skateboard worth 40 euros for free!

Absolutely. With Lutendo, not only entrepreneurs, but also freelancers and content creators from every industry can improve their reach and brand awareness. Whether you want to promote Youtube videos from your music/beauty channel or your Instagram profile, Lutendo’s social deals campaigns can help.

Let testers judge honestly. Since our testers know that negative feedback on product pages would be bad for the entrepreneurs, it comes very rarely to negative reviews on the product page. Most testers then write the negative rating for the product only on Lutendo, so that the entrepreneur can optimize his product accordingly.

Basically this is not necessary. If, contrary to expectations, there should be discrepancies, there is the possibility to interact so that these can be clarified.

What are you waitin’ for?

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