Become a product tester – test & keep products for free

At Lutendo, product testers are given the opportunity to test products from a wide range of fields and then keep them. From electronics, sporting goods, clothing, cosmetics, wellness to baby articles and kitchen equipment. You decide which Amazon products you want to test.

You don’t want to write reviews on tested products? No problem. Just apply for one of the many sales campaigns that are updated daily. Here you only have to buy the product! Depending on the campaign, you will usually get a 100% refund of the purchase price. Lutendo is the perfect solution for every bargain hunter. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon as an Amazon product tester!

100% free

The registration is free of charge. You have no expenses. You can only earn!

Products as a gift

You can keep the products after testing and give them away to friends, for example.

Pure bargains

Try discounted products (up to 100%) at bargain prices. Completely without rating!

Money & Bonuses

For some jobs you get extra money. Premiums for particularly active testers.

Products from all categories, waiting for you to be tested

Produkttest Kopfhörer


59,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Uhr

Mens Watch

119,99 €
29,99 €
Produkttest Actioncam


39,99 €
4,99 €
Produkttest KitchenAid

Eye Shadow Palette

64,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Schminkspiegel


35,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Lidschatten Palette


9,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Wimpernformer

Eyelash curler

6,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest MakeUp Entferner

MAke-up pinch cleaner

37,99 €
5,99 €
Produkttest Kopfhörer


59,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest USB C Kabel

Android USB-C Cable

5,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Computer Maus

gaming mouse pc

18,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Kopfhörer


21,99 €
5,99 €

Home studio fitness

159,99 €
49,99 €
Produkttest Fitnesstracker

Fitness Tracker

29,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Thermosocken

Ski-Socks Snowboard

11,99 €
2,99 €
Produkttest Trinkflasche

Sports water bottle

18,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Küchenwaage

Kitchen scales

16,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Backform

Cookie cutter

7,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Mikrowellenbehälter

Silicone lunch box

19,99 €
4,99 €
Produkttest Whiskey Gläser

Whiskey tumblers

24,99 €
5,99 €
Produkttest Badezimmer Vorleger

Bathroom rug

17,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Luftbefeuchter

El. Air freshener

88,99 €
15,99 €
Produkttest Duschkopf


24,99 €
0,00 €
Produkttest Vorratbox

storage box fabric

19,99 €
0,00 €

You want to become an Amazon product tester and benefit from the many advantages and deals? Then do not hesitate and register today. Free of charge and without obligation.

Your advantages as product tester with Lutendo

As an Amazon product tester, you will apply for campaigns from retailers and entrepreneurs. These provide your products at a discounted price (often even free of charge). If you have been awarded the contract for a campaign, the seller will send you the product. Your task now is to put the product through its paces and later to give a rating on the desired platform. Of course you can keep the product! As you can see, Amazon product testers enjoy many advantages. In short these are:

Free of charge & non-binding

The registration is free of charge. You have no expenses. You can only earn!

Products for free

You can keep the products after testing!

Comfortably from home

Test the products from the comfort of your own home. Apply for the products from everywhere

Money & Bonuses

For some jobs you get extra money. Premiums for particularly active testers.


Test restaurants, hotels or events in your area and get lucrative discounts.


At our Lutendo you will find new deals from different product categories every day

Different products

With us you will find products from all areas: Electronics, beauty, wellness, sports, and much more.

Your decision

You decide which products you want to test. No specifications.

You want to become an Amazon product tester and benefit from the many advantages and deals? Then do not hesitate and register today. Free of charge and without obligation.

Test products from all categories

The products come from all imaginable product categories. There is really something for everyone here! Cosmetics, clothing, accessories, electrical goods, garden equipment, sports equipment or tools. Here everyone will find something for himself. The great thing about our platform: Some products are given to our product testers before the official sales start. With your test result, marketplace dealers receive valuable feedback regarding quality, packaging, colour etc. before the sales start.

Produkttester Produkte testen
produkttester werden

REQUIREMENTS for product testers

To join Lutendo as an Amazon product tester you have to fulfill a few requirements. First: You need a corresponding marketplace profile (for participation in marketplace campaigns) with which you have already written some reviews. Your previous reviews should be written in an understandable English. The goal of every review must be to give honest feedback that helps the merchant. In the best case you have already written reviews over several years. Experienced testers are more likely to be awarded the contract later on than new product testers. Second: You must be over 18 years old. Third: For payouts or refunds you need a Paypal or Paypal.Me address.


As a product tester you can keep all tested products! Sounds good? It gets even better! You get all products sent directly to your home. In addition, participation is absolutely free. If you are awarded the contract for a product test, even the shipping costs are paid by the retailer. The only thing the dealers expect in return is your personal and honest review.

produkttester gesucht
produkttester vorteile

Special offers for AMazon product testers

On Lutendo you will find new offers and deals on great products every day. Not a day goes by without a new product being offered for testing. Here you will find attractive products from hip brands and completely unknown manufacturers. Sounds exciting? It is! Let yourself be surprised by unknown products. The “job” as a product tester is all but one thing: boring.

More than 150,000 satisfied product testers cannot be wrong!

I have been with Lutendo for 3 months now and every week I make myself little presents which is really cool because I only need to write a review, can keep the product and even get money for it.

Maika W.

Lutendo was recommended to me by a buddy. I tried it and can only say that it is a great extra income which is also fun. Thumbs up!

Peter S.
Zufriedene Produkttester

New offers come in every day. I pick the best ones and have them sent to me. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Serkan G.

My girlfriend and I have been active product testers for several years. We prefer to test products on Amazon. The selection of deals on Lutendo is very good.

Julian F.

You want to become an Amazon product tester and benefit from the many advantages and deals? Then do not hesitate and register today. Free of charge and without obligation.


From the beginning all offers in the marketplace and social campaigns are available to you. You do not receive any test missions from us – decide for yourself which offers you are interested in. The more missions you successfully complete, the more points you receive. Track your success on Lutendo with the Achievement Badges and win cash and non-cash prizes! We show you how to become a product tester in just a few steps:

Bewertungen kaufen


Register for free on Lutendo. The only thing you need is an Amazon account. In the best case, you have already created a few reviews with it. If you want to test local services as well as Amazon products, you also need a Google Account.


As soon as your application is accepted you can test the product or service at a discount or free of charge. After the test you give on the market place or on the desired social channel an evaluation to the tested product or service.

Bewertungen günstig kaufen


Once logged in you are immediately activated and can directly apply for interesting campaigns. You can apply for as many offers as you like. You don’t want to save alone and earn money? Then invite friends, family or your followers to the deal.


After you have written a review, you can keep the tested product or give it to friends, family, acquaintances. For the successful completion of a test mission you will receive a refund and/or an expense allowance of up to 25.00 €.


On Lutendo the tester is in the foreground. We always strive to offer new attractive deals, attractive products and services on our platform in order to ensure varied testing and a great variety. Here your participation is essential! The more active you are, the better deals we can offer you on our platform.


Every day new orders appear on Lutendo in the form of campaigns. You can apply for as many campaigns as you like. The selection of great deals is very large: kitchen accessories, electronics, watches, cosmetics, etc…


You decide what you want to rate. We don’t make any rules on how you should rate, but we want you to test only products you are positive about.


We won’t leave you out in the rain if you have a question. Use one of the many possibilities to contact us. Whether e-mail, phone or live chat. We are always there for you to answer your questions. Of course you can also have a look at the FAQs 😉

You want to become a product tester and benefit from the many advantages and deals? Then don’t hesitate and sign up today. Free of charge and without obligation.

Tester FAQ

Questions and answers for testers and those who would like to become testers at Lutendo.

To become a product tester, all you have to do is register for free here.

To become a product tester with us you must be over 18 years old. You need a verified marketplace account to participate in the marketplace campaigns. To participate in the Social Deals it is necessary to register your Social Account in the settings. For the payment of refunds and expenses your PayPal or PayPal.Me address must be entered in the settings. Good language skills are recommended. You should have fun trying out and testing innovative products and services. It is also important to us (and to the entrepreneurs) that our testers evaluate reliably and qualitatively. Successfully completed test missions are rewarded with double points.

Yes! just apply for sales campaigns or social campaigns where no Amazon ratings are required. You can also apply for campaigns where dealer ratings are required.

That is up to you. However, we recommend that you do not write too many reviews in a period of about a week. Apply to sales campaigns or social campaigns and do not rate more than 2-3 products per week.

You can apply to as many campaigns as you like – some campaigns will automatically unlock you, others will be manually checked by the entrepreneurs. Please keep in mind when applying that any codes or deals you receive should also be redeemed.

The entrepreneurs can select the testers manually or have them selected by an automated process. Your tester status plays the most important role here. The more successfully you complete the test missions, the better your tester status. If you have already written some reviews on marketplaces before you register on Lutendo, this will have a positive effect on your deal chances at the beginning.

As soon as you receive an award, you will be notified by email and you can view the product in the menu item Awards in Received Awards. Please also check your chat messages, maybe the seller has sent you information about the further process. If the seller has not given you a search path, you can follow the product link and buy the product on the marketplace you have specified (either with or without a voucher, depending on the type of campaign you are participating in). Now the ordering process will be carried out as normal. The product is placed in the shopping cart, a possible voucher code is entered in the checkout process and then you click on buy. Please enter the Order ID/ Order ID in your Lutendo account with the product.

The order ID is essential for the refund. Please enter it as soon as possible in the Surcharges menu for the product in question.

If you want to participate in a refund campaign (cashback, refund), then you usually pay in advance. In these campaigns, however, you will often find a 100% refund, so you will receive attractive products completely free of charge at the end. The amount of the refund and other important details can be found in the campaign notes.

To participate in most refund campaigns, you will need to provide your PayPal details. If you don’t want to give the merchants your (possibly private) email address or mobile phone number at the same time as your PayPal information, you can create a personalized PayPal.Me link here. This link does not contain your email/cell phone number.

Dealers are obliged to return the money within 7 days after the service is provided. Should this not be the case, please contact the dealer first. If this should remain without result, you can always contact our support.

Tip: Apply for “Managed Campaigns”. Here the refund will automatically be taken over by Lutendo.

On Lutendo traders from various online marketplaces are active. So you will find products from all possible categories. In the Social Deals you will find mostly services you can test – such as restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and much more.


You still have questions about the process or the registration as a product tester? Then call our friendly support! We will be happy to help you.