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Over 150,000 testers across Europe not only save money online and offline with Lutendo – they also earn money testing products and services in their free time! Test missions are rewarded with up to 25 Euro. All payments are made securely via PayPal. Register for free and unlike other testing platforms you have access to all offers right from the start.

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The products on our platform are from all kind of product categories, so there is something for everyone. Cosmetics, clothing, accessories, electrical appliances, garden tools, sporting goods, tools, everyone will find something here. The great thing about our platform: Some products can be tested even before they are officially launched and available on the specific marketplace. Your product assessment provides sellers with valuable feedback on quality, packaging, colour, etc. before the sales launch. Therefore: Become a product tester now – it’s worth it!


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iPhone XS

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Amazon Product Tester

Become a tester on Lutendo and test Amazon Products as well as products from other marketplaces like Ebay or online shops with a deep discount or for free! You only need to post an honest review on the respective marketplaces in return. And the best thing about it? You can keep every product you have tested – no exceptions! No other testing platform has such a variety of products from all kind of categories as Lutendo. So you will definitely find something you are interested in.

Social Deals on Lutendo

Become a micro-influencer on Lutendo – Our testers not only save money online but also offline. Discover services near you with a deep discount or for free! To complete the mission you only need to give the service provider a review on Google, Facebook, Instagram or on another platform. Explore offers near you or in the cities you visit – discover restaurants, beauty parlors, spas, exciting events near you and much more!

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Your commitment does not go unrewarded. Testers can earn up to 25 Euros for test missions. Participate in a lot of missions and earn money online and from home. That is not all – passionate reviewers can rise up the Hall of Fame ranks and earn points and badges for every mission. You can redeem the points for cash and non-cash prizes. Keep in mind: Tester who have achieved a certain amount of points and badges on Lutendo become a Premium Tester. Premium Testers have the chance to participate in exclusive deals before every one else.

How a Test Mission Works

If you want to become a product tester on Lutendo, you only need a verified account on the marketplace. Additionally it is important for us that our product testers are reliable. The feedback they provide can help sellers significantly. It is important to give honest feedback at all times. So if a product doesn’t meet your expectations (be it quality, packaging or anything else), you can mention it in your feedback so that the seller knows what he needs to improve.


Apply for products and services you are interested in.


As soon as you receive the deal you can test the product or service with the coupon. In some cases you pay in advance and get your money back after the submission of the review.


Submit a review for the product or service you have tested. You will receive your prepaid money and your payment after the review is online.

Sharing is Caring

You want a boost for your points? Invite friends and acquaintances to Lutendo! As soon as your friend, who has been invited via your personal referral link, registers and completes his first deal, you will receive 50 points. If you would like to test a deal with friends or if you have discovered an offer that would be interesting for someone you know, then simply share the campaign via Facebook or Twitter and let your friends know about the deal on Lutendo.

New Deals Every Day

Check back every day for new deals online and near you. Treat yourself to a great deal today itself! What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simply register for free here and test products (Amazon, Ebay, online shops) and services.

To become a product tester on Lutendo you must be over 18 years old and you need a verified marketplace and/or social media account (Google, Facebook) as well as good English skills. Moreover you should enjoy testing out innovative products. Testers need to be reliable and honest.

In all Lutendo campaigns you can keep the tested product at the end. In special test missions you also get a fee from the sellers for your effort. This can amount up to 25 Euro. If you successfully complete many test missions, you can redeem your points for cash and non-cash prizes on Lutendo.

On Lutendo you cannot only test products from Amazon etc. but also services near you or or in cities you visit e.g. restaurants, beauty parlors, spas and much more. Simply check the Social Deals tab to see if there is something interesting in your vicinity.

You can apply for as many campaigns as you like – some campaigns will automatically unlock you, others will be reviewed manually by the sellers. Please keep in mind that received codes/ deals should be redeemed. Thus, only apply for products and services you are clearly interested in.

Sellers can either assign their products or services manually or through an automatic process. Your tester status is important here since sellers offer their products at a discounted price with the intention of obtaining meaningful reviews.

As soon as you receive a deal, you will be notified by email and you can view the product or service in the menu item Approvals in Approves Applications. Please also check your internal chat messages. Sellers may have sent you more information about the further process. If the seller has not provided a search path, you can follow the product link and buy the product on the specified marketplace (either with or without a coupon, depending on the type of campaign you are participating in). Now the order process is carried out normally. The product is placed in the shopping cart, a code is entered in the checkout process and then click on Buy. Please deposit the order number in your Lutendo account with the product.

In cash back campaigns you do not receive a coupon for the purchase. You buy the product for the full price. After the test and the submission of the review you will get your refund. The order number is indispensable for the refund. Please deposit them as soon as possible.

If you are participating in a social deals campaign, you will receive all further details in the campaign notes and via internal chat.

We use an algorithm that determines your tester quality and shows the sellers how reliable you are on our platform. This allows sellers to exclude product testers with a poor tester status from their deals. If you receive a product or service for testing but don’t submit a review on the platform the seller has chosen (e.g. Amazon, Facebook, Google etc.), your tester status will drop significantly and your chance for future deal approvals will be low.

To participate in most refund campaigns, you need to provide your PayPal information. Submitting this information significantly increases the chances that your application will be accepted by the seller.

Please read the conditions the seller has set for this kind of campaign before applying to avoid misunderstandings later on, e.g. regarding the repayment. In cashback campaigns, the seller decides how and when the repayment for the product test will be made (immediately after purchase, before purchase, after submitting an internal rating). If you do not agree with the terms of the campaign, please do not apply for it.

Do you still have questions about the procedure or registration? Then contact our friendly support team! We’ll be glad to help you.

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You have questions about product testing on Lutendo? Then feel free to contact us.

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