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Lutendo is the perfect partner for agencies. With our tester community we create hundreds of real reviews every week for various platforms


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max. 200 reviews per month
199,00 € mthly.Ø 0,99 € per review


max. 500 reviews per month
499,00 € mthly.Ø 0,99 € per review


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As an agency you are interested in reviews and want to get to know the possibilities of Lutendo? We are happy to advise you!

Reviews for agencies – Every customer is different

As an agency you have to deal with a wide variety of clients: Doctors, lawyers, craftsmen, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and many more. When optimizing a website, every agency sooner or later comes across the topic of review and evaluation management. Every SEO knows that Google ratings have a significant impact (especially on local businesses or services) on website rankings. As an agency you ask yourself the following question: How do I generate enough ratings for my clients?

Possibility 1: Do it yourself

The most obvious solution is certainly to take review management into your own hands and carry it out in-house. Temps and employees create their own accounts on the required portals and generate reviews for the customers.

  • Cost-effective
  • Full control
  • Limited possibilities
  • Resources quickly exhausted

Possibility 2: Generate naturally

Another possibility is to generate ratings in a natural way. Customers will be asked to write reviews when they are satisfied with the performance. By skillful (offline) marketing measures one can advance this.

  • Compliant with guidelines
  • Real reviews
  • Cost-intensive (Marketing-Costs)
  • Only few customers rate

Possibility 3: Buy review

Another possibility is to search for a provider that generates the ratings. However, caution is advised here. A large number of providers use bots and fake accounts to generate ratings. Frequently created reviews are deleted again as soon as the fake account is discovered.

  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy
  • Mostly Fake-Accounts / Bots
  • Risk of deletion or penalty

What agencies should consider

All three options offer a number of advantages, but also significant disadvantages. Agencies that create reviews themselves will find that their resources quickly reach their limits. If, for example, the customer wants Google ratings, a separate account is required for each rating. The approach of using marketing activities to get the customer to write a review in a natural way is basically good. Experience shows, however, that only very few customers rate, even if strong incentives are offered. With this measure one produces in the long run simply too few evaluations. The last possibility is to buy reviews. Here however caution is expressly required. A large number of providers use fake accounts or bots to generate reviews as cheaply as possible. The result are mostly evaluations consisting of predefined sentences. The danger that such reviews are recognized and deleted is extraordinarily high.

Bewertungen Agenturen


Agencies benefit in several ways from the reviews on Lutendo. Here you will find an overview of the advantages for agencies.

Real reviews

At Lutendo, evaluations are generated by real customers who have tested the desired service live on site. Facebook recognizes e.g. by the location marking whether the tester was also on site (verified evaluations are worth gold!).


Basically, Lutendo can be used to generate ratings for all platforms and channels: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Jameda, Tripadvisor and much more. There are no restrictions thanks to the wide tester base.

Cost-effective provider

Lutendo is the cheapest provider of reviews. Our flexible packages allow you to generate cheap reviews for small and large agencies. Nothing suitable for your agency? Then give us a call! Individual solutions are also possible.

Simple & Time Saving

Creating campaigns is child’s play. You specify what you need on which platform and what you offer for it. Our numerous testers now apply for your campaign. You then decide which testers win the contract. Use Managed Campaigns so that you don’t have to worry about the selection of testers.

Infinite possibilities

Lutendo is not a classic rating platform. We see ourselves as mediators between traders and testers and bring them together. With the flexible campaign system you can theoretically achieve everything for your customers: Reviews, interactions, contributions, etc… Get in touch with the testers and define everything.

Friendly Support

Even if our system is very easy to operate, questions always arise. Our friendly support supports you with questions about the perfect campaign. We will be happy to advise you in detail about the possibilities for your agency at Lutendo.

Protect your customers from negative reviews

Negative ratings are undoubtedly damaging to business. Customers fail to come and sales decline. On many platforms such as Google, Facebook or Amazon, it is theoretically possible to have ratings deleted. However, this process is tedious and has little chance of success. Many entrepreneurs afford expensive specialist lawyers who take action against the negative ratings. Here, too, the chances of success are low, the process often takes several months and the lawyer wants to be paid. The negative evaluation is online in this time!

A better way to counter negative ratings is to counter them with positive ratings. The advantage of this measure is, on the one hand, that in a relatively short time the average rating is raised again with positive ratings. On the other hand, the negative rating slips out of the direct field of vision of the users. In addition, you should always answer negative reviews!

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As an agency you are interested in reviews and want to get to know the possibilities of Lutendo? We are happy to advise you!

Generate reviews for your customers with just a few clicks

Creating campaigns is child’s play. With just a few clicks you can define the framework conditions for your campaign, which our testers will then apply for. We will be happy to advise you on the most effective way to create a campaign. You don’t have the time or the desire to take care of the campaign creation? Then use our Managed Campaigns.

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Step 1: Planning

Decide for which platform your campaign is intended. You can simultaneously run marketplace and social campaigns on Lutendo. Define the campaign type and all key data.

Bewertungen günstig kaufen

Step 2: Activate

The more attractive the offer/discount, the more applicants you get on your campaign and the more choice you have in choosing the most qualified testers. Set the duration, set filters and determine which testers should advertise your product.

Bewertungen online kaufen

Step 3: Launch

The campaign is automatically activated and goes online on Lutendo. You can edit running campaigns to exchange pictures or links. Contact the product testers to make further arrangements.

As an agency you are interested in reviews and want to get to know the possibilities of Lutendo? We are happy to advise you!

What is the difference between Lutendo and other providers

Many providers of reviews use bots and fake accounts to generate reviews and reviews. The result: Sooner or later these will be recognized and deleted. On Amazon fake reviews can also lead to an exclusion of the product.

Lutendo has a better approach: we have the largest network of experienced product testers who can provide you with high quality reviews. The advantage is that real people write the reviews and thus do not violate the guidelines. The risk of a deleted review is therefore zero. Rely on our many years of experience. Our support will be happy to advise you comprehensively on all topics.

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As an agency you are interested in reviews and want to get to know the possibilities of Lutendo? We are happy to advise you!

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