Managed Campaigns
Security & anonymity for marketplace traders. Managed campaigns for reviews & sales. Leave the work to us

Anonymity & discretion

No direct tester contact (optional)

Tester refund via Lutendo

enormous time saving

Managed campaigns – for even more comfort & discretion

Managing a reimbursement campaign on Lutendo includes clarifying tester questions via the platform’s internal chat and individually reviewing ratings and reimbursements for the testers. With a large number of testers, it is easy for some refunds to be overlooked and testers may have to wait a long time for their refunds. In order to satisfy all participating testers and to keep the administrative effort as low as possible, it is recommended to use the managed campaigns on Lutendo.

In Managed Campaigns Lutendo takes care of all refunds for you! All you have to do is upload a credit via the settings and release the testers for the refund with one click. Testers will then receive their refunds directly from Lutendo and not from the entrepreneur.

If Managed Refund is used for pure sales campaigns (no ratings desired), then entrepreneurs can distribute an unlimited number of Refunds without using up their package limit.

Bewertungen Fully Managed

Both entrepreneurs and testers benefit from managed campaigns! If you have any questions about our Managed Campaigns, we are happy to help you!

prices & comparison – Standard, Managed, Fully Managed

Do it yourself, together with us or we take over the helm completely. From now on you can decide which tasks you want to do yourself or hand over to Lutendo. In managed campaigns we take over the entire payment transactions with the testers. In Fully Managed Campaigns we go a few steps further: From the creation of the campaign to the reimbursement to the testers. You order, we deliver your sales and reviews. The options can be booked for all packages (Basic, Professional, Premium & Enterprise)


Creation of the campaigns
Communication with the testers
Taking over payment transactions

max. 50 reviews per month
99,00 € mthly.Ø 1,98 € per review


Creation of the campaigns
Communication with the testers
Taking over payment transactions

max. 50 reviews per month
249,00 € mthly.Ø 4,98 € per review


Creation of the campaigns
Communication with the testers
Taking over payment transactions

max. 50 Bewertungen
499,00 € Ø 9,98 € per review

Your advantages with Fully Managed: We take care of the entire handling of the campaign. From creation to reimbursement to the testers. Full control. 100% Discreet.
Fully Managed
Basic 99,00€ (50x) 249,00€ (50x) 139,00€ (10x)
Professional 199,00€ (200x) 799,00€ (200x) 499,00€ (50x)
Premium 499,00€ (500x) 1.999,00€ (500x) 1.799,00€ (200x)
Enterprise 999,00€ on request on request

FAQ – Managed Refund Campaigns

Managed (Refund) Campaigns:

Managed Refund campaigns are created by the entrepreneur himself after registration on Lutendo. During campaign creation, the option can be selected to have Lutendo handle the payment transactions. A Managed Refund fee of 3.00 € per tester transaction will be charged.

Sample calculation with Professional Package: max. 50 ratings

99 € (package price) + 50 (tester) x 3 € (managed refund fee) = 249 €

fully managed campaigns

You do not need to register on Lutendo to start fully managed campaigns. You fill out the request form and you will be contacted by one of our friendly staff members via email or phone for final details. When all details are settled, you will receive the cashback invoice (which also includes the tester’s refund). We then create the campaign, select the testers, answer all chat requests and handle all refunds. For campaign creation, administration and payment processing we charge a fully managed fee of 8 € per tester.

Sample calculation with Professional Package: max. 50 ratings

99 € (package price) + 50 (tester) x 8 € (fully managed fee) = 499 €

Managed and fully managed campaigns can be added for all packages (Basic, Professional, Premium and Enterprise). For a one-time order of reviews (fully managed campaign) please use our form for an individual request. We will be happy to advise you which package makes the most sense for your business.

When you create a marketplace campaign, first select “Refund” for the campaign type. Managed Refund is activated by default. Managed Refund in conjunction with “anonymous campaign”, ensures the highest level of discretion.

For each transfer to a tester, Lutendo will charge a processing fee of 3.00 € (the credit for this will be uploaded via the settings). The tester receives payment from Lutendo after approval by the entrepreneur and not directly from the entrepreneur, as in campaigns without Managed Refund.

The amount to be paid out to the testers in the campaign is also uploaded via the settings.

In your account settings you can directly top up the credit for the payouts (amount which is refunded to the testers) and for the surcharges (number of testers who receive a refund). You can choose between Paypal and bank transfer as payment methods. Afterwards you will receive two invoices for us.

Managed (Refund) is used in evaluation campaigns. This is where entrepreneurs can use their package surcharges for activations. Additional tester surcharges, which exceed the package limit, can be booked in the campaign details. A Managed Sales Campaign is a pure sales campaign that runs without ratings and with Managed Refund. In this type of campaign, entrepreneurs can activate an unlimited number of testers without using up their package surcharges or ordering additional testers surcharges for a fee.

You have further questions which are not answered here yet? Then call our friendly support under +49 221 9688 38 90, or arrange a free consultation. We are always happy to help you!