How to write Google Reviews

Every day new service providers and dealers are entering the market. On the one hand, consumers benefit from this, because they profit from the price war between competitors, on the other hand, the brain goes on strike in the event of a flood of options and the potential customer does not choose any of the options or follows the decision that initially seems most rational – the cheapest price. This is called Choice Overload.

Google reviews help in the amount of providers to filter out those that will most likely meet your needs. Consumers who Google reviews can help you to invest time and money well. Condition is of course that these reviews on Google are credible and qualitative enough to make a purchase decision. Here it is naturally also necessary that sufficient customers deliver also on-line evaluations to Dienstleistern, in order to create an opinion, which is representative enough. Writing a Google review may cause most memories of tasks from German lessons, but it is much easier than expected.

Preconditions for a Google Review

There are basically only two preconditions: You must have your own Google Account and sign in.

Don’t have a Google account yet? – Click here to create a new Google Account. If you’ve already signed up for Youtube, Gmail or Google+, you already have a Google account. With the same account login you can also write reviews on Google.

Forgot your password? – No problem. Follow the Google instructions here to reset your password. You can always check at the top right of every Google page whether you are already logged in. You can also switch between accounts, change settings, etc. here.

Google Konto

How to rate a company on Google

Enter the name of the company you want to rate on Google or Google Maps. If the company has a Google My Business profile, you’ll see it either at the top of search results or a little more prominently on the right.

Click here on the Write review button. A window will open in which you can write up to 5 stars to the company and a short review. The stars turn orange after clicking. You also have the possibility to add pictures to your rating. Then click on the button Post in the bottom right corner. Your rating is now visible in Google Search, Google Maps etc..

Google Bewertung schreiben
Google Rezension verfassen

Write Google Reviews and upgrade to Local Guide

If you write a lot of testimonials about tested restaurants, cafes, massage parlours etc. on Google, then you can become a local guide on Google and upgrade to different levels. As a high-level local guide, you’ll be one of the first to try out new Google features and receive special rewards and discounts from Google partners. You can earn the following points and badges in the Local Guide program. Find out more about Google’s Local Guide program here.

Google Local Guide Punkte
Google Local Guide Badges

Social deals on lutendo

You want to prove your feedback art? Then register for Lutendo and join our testing community of more than 150 000 testers all over Europe. On Lutendo you can not only test products from online marketplaces like Amazon at a reduced price or even for free, but you can also find many social deals.

What are social deals? In the social deals on Lutendo you can find discounted or free offers from service providers in your area. Test and then give an honest rating on Google or Facebook. The Clou? Many orders on Lutendo are rewarded with up to 25.00 €.