How to write a Facebook review

Facebook Reviews and Facebook Recommendations – Where Is The Difference?

  • About 1.6 billion people are connected to a local medium-sized company via Facebook
  • 2 of 3 Facebook users visit the Facebook page of a local store at least once a week
  • 1 out of 3 Facebook users uses the platform to look for Facebook reviews and recommendations

These numbers are impressive enough for entrepreneurs to realize how important a solid presence on the largest social network – Facebook – is for their business. The keyword “network” may also have triggered the change in Facebook ratings in Facebook recommendations in August 2018. The simple old system of 1-5 star ratings on Facebook has been changed to a Yes/No recommendation system. All old star ratings have been converted to recommendations and included in the overall rating rate. Customers can now see how many votes the rating rate is based on to better assess how representative their opinion is. In addition, recommendations and old Facebook reviews can be filtered by timeliness and most helpful.

The abolition of the star ratings was certainly also a move to make Facebook the entire rating category on Facebook more user-friendly in order to connect even more people with companies. The stars’ forgiveness may have been visually interesting, but anyone who has ever rated a service or product online has asked themselves the question: What is the real difference between a 4 star rating and a 5 star rating?

The yes/no dichotomy makes the evaluation of course easier, although also here considerations like these can develop: Should I recommend or not recommend a restaurant if I liked the food but the staff was unfriendly?

Comfort Convertet

The fact is that after the change, companies will be able to more easily and more often receive customer feedback for their company on Facebook. The entrepreneurs are also given the option to turn the rating function on and off. If the rating rate drops sharply, the ratings can be deactivated until an action plan has been developed. Facebook supports entrepreneurs with yes/no recommendations and follow-up questions aimed at optimization. The yes recommendation is followed by a yes recommendation: What do you recommend for X? The “no” recommendation is followed by a “no” recommendation: How can X improve?

With the introduction of tags (rich endorsements), which customers can optionally add to the comment (max. 25 characters), entrepreneurs have more room for improvement. The more customers who highlight a particular feature of a service provider, the more customers can be won who are looking for this feature at a service provider.

Google SEO

To what extent Facebook ratings or recommendations are included in the Google ranking is still unclear. However, Google displays ratings that a company has generated on other platforms in the Google search results when a company is explicitly searched by name.

Google Eintrag Bewertungen

In addition, the review rate can also be found in the industry entry on the right, with a link to the corresponding platform.

Google Eintrag Bewertungen

How you can rate companies on Facebook

Writing a review on Facebook is easy. We’ll show you how to do it:

1. go to the Facebook page of the company/service provider you want to recommend.
2. scroll to the Recommendations and Ratings section.

Facebook Empfehlungen und Bewertungen

3. click Yes/No for the recommendation.
4. write a recommendation. Here you can also use tags to address specific aspects that have come up

Facebook Bewertung schreiben

5. select the target group as public with one click next to item
6. then click Post.

Facebook Bewertung

Recommend Facebook page – Check in on Facebook

If you check in at the location of the company/ service provider, you will automatically be asked for an evaluation/recommendation the next day. You can check in via your Facebook account.

1. click on Create post and then in the lower options on I am here.
2. then you can enter where you are.
3. optionally write a comment and select “Public” as the setting and click on share.

Facebook Kommentar verfassen

How do I share a company page?

A company can also be recommended if you comment on someone else’s mail asking for recommendations about a service in a particular area. Alternatively, you can also share the company’s Facebook profile page in your chronicle so that your friends, etc., can share their comments. See your recommendation. First go to the Facebook page of the company you want to recommend. And click on Share.

Facebook Kommentar teilen

A popup window opens. Write a comment about the company or service you are recommending, select the target group and click on Post.

Facebook Chronik