Google local reviews study

THE NUMBER OF REVIEWS– The more the better?

We have already seen at the beginning of this study that the number of ratings influences both click behaviour and trust in the rating and is also considered by Google as a relevant factor for the local pack ranking. This raises the question of how many Google reviews are necessary to make the rating credible. Our study found that consumers need at least 40 reviews before they trust the rating of a company or consider the rating to be representative. Compared to last year, the number has even increased by 7 reviews. In the target group of 18-34 year olds, the number is highest with 51 reviews. 6% of consumers need more than 200 reviews.

How many reviews do you need for visitors to believe the star average?


By age:

Bewertungsdurchschnitt nach Alter

40 reviews are therefore necessary on average for the rating to be considered representative. However, this does not mean that all 40 reviews are also read. On average, consumers read 10 reviews before they trust a company. Here, too, an increase over the previous year can be observed (+3 reviews).

The sales factor

The purchase probability of a product or service with 5 ratings is 270 % higher than with 0 ratings. The effect of the number of ratings on sales is even higher than the effect of the rating.

US companies have an average of 82.5 ratings. Companies with more than 82.5 ratings have up to 82% more annual sales than the average.

Anzahl Bewertungen in Relation zum Jahresumsatz
Annual revenue of companies based on number of reviews

Keyfacts: Number of reviews

Companies with more than 82 reviews generate 54% more revenue than the average.
Companies with less than 82 reviews generate 15% less turnover than the average.
Companies with 200 or more reviews generate almost twice as much revenue as the average.