Google local reviews study


Google My Business dominates all other directories and rating sites simply by linking to the world’s most used search engine.

Consumers can find all necessary information about a company without leaving the site. Placements in the Local Pack as well as in the organic search results are necessary to make consumers aware of their own company in relevant search queries.

To get these placements, positive ratings on relevant sites with high domain authority help. These ratings are even highlighted by Google in search queries. Once the consumer’s interest has been aroused by the placement and rating, conversion is not far away. Positive ratings can thus efficiently reduce advertising costs for customer acquisition.

key findings of the comparative study:

Companies should be registered with their company on as many channels as possible, so that customers have many options to view ratings and also leave ratings.
Companies should regularly react or respond to customer reviews – whether positive or negative – to increase customer loyalty.
Average rating
Companies should try to maintain an average rating of 3.5 to 4.5 stars across the board.
Companies should have an authentic profile, with a maximum of 15-30% share of negative ratings.
Companies should actively seek to ensure a continuous flow of evaluations from all sides.

Presence on google

Valuations about a company can be found online, whether the entrepreneur wants it or not. The proactive collection of ratings alone leads to the quality of the company’s services and products being truthfully reflected in the customer’s opinions, otherwise negative ratings will take the upper hand. Here it is necessary for companies to be registered with their companies on various platforms in order to keep the threshold for customers to give a rating as low as possible.

Users of Google and Facebook, for example, are usually logged in to their accounts without interruption and also have the corresponding apps on their mobile devices. It is therefore particularly easy for them to leave a rating quickly. If customers first have to register on a platform to leave a rating, only those customers with a very bad experience will be intrinsically motivated enough to do so.

This again distorts the opinion. The easier it is to give a review, the more positive reviews will be. Google and Facebook are among the platforms with an overall positive rating tendency: The average rating on Facebook is 4.42 stars on Google at 4.3 stars. Companies must therefore be broadly positioned with their online entries to give customers many opportunities to see and leave reviews.