Google local reviews study

Actuality of Google Reviews

As we have seen, the decision for a company is primarily influenced by the reviews and the number of reviews.  However, before these factors are taken into account, consumers also consider another point when considering ratings: The timeliness…

One study found that consumers follow a certain method when reading Google reviews. Most people examine the latest reviews, focusing on both critical and positive reviews. Operators like Google have already recognized this consumer habit and provide users with appropriate filters.

Aktualität von Bewertungen
Aktualität von Bewertungen
A steady influx of reviews is necessary to meet consumer demand for new reviews. Here, care must be taken to ensure that a large number of reviews on a profile do not appear in a flash. This can be considered untrustworthy by customers. In order to maximize the positive aspect of “new” reviews, they must therefore be continuously


When people read reviews, follow an appropriate pattern. For most people, topicality is the most important aspect. This is followed by a targeted search for negative reviews and positive reviews.

Welche Faktoren sind für den Nutzer bei Bewertungen am wichtigsten?

How up-to-date must a REview be?

How new is new enough for consumers? 86% of consumers stated that online reviews that are older than 3 months are no longer relevant to their purchase decision. 40% of consumers were only interested in reviews that were submitted within the last 2 weeks. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 22%! Especially the target group of 18-34 year olds only consider ratings that are not older than two weeks in their decision making. The strong increase in the number of consumers expecting current reviews shows once again that companies must actively take care of the generation of reviews to support customers in their decision making.

Wie aktuell muss eine Bewertung sein, damit Sie Einfluss auf die Entscheidungsfindung hat?