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Dealer FAQ

Questions and answers for retailers and entrepreneurs who want to buy reviews.

The purchase decision for or against a product or service is strongly influenced by genuine, verified valuations and the “spiral effect” increases exponentially. Better ratings = better conversion = better rankings = more sales = more recommendations.

Studies have shown that products with positive ratings generally generate 63% more sales – whether on a marketplace, in a shop, on social media or a rating service. Companies or service providers with more positive reviews receive significantly more orders than competitors with none, few or poor reviews.

Positive reviews also protect product pages and company profiles from negative reviews by competitors who can quickly cause economic damage.

Quite simple: We calculate the quality of each product tester in terms of speed, reliability, evaluation rate, activity and much more and show the customer which product testers are valuable for the client. The client can then select from the displayed product testers those that exactly match his criteria – no matter for which country, marketplace, social media platform or other.

Yes, Lutendo does not have bots or fake accounts, thus, with the features of our platform, real reviews can be generated on marketplaces and social media platforms.

On Lutendo only product testers who adhere to the system guidelines receive deal approvals. You can comprehend it with the product tester rankings. It can happen that the odds are not always 100%. However, experience has shown that the average review ratio is well over 70%.

Basically, each client can choose how many coupon codes are to be issued in which period and thus how many reviews are to be created. Changes in the campaign can always be carried out by the client himself. Thus, there is no need to wait for an available support team member.

The testers at Lutendo have generated evaluations for a wide variety of customers and target groups, whether marketplaces or social channels. Basically, all areas are possible that require evaluations. generate?

We have several years of experience regarding online reviews and have generated over 250,000 reviews for well over 4000 companies through thousands of campaigns. We rely on our experience and therefore know what really matters. On Lutendo ratings and reviews are generated exclusively by real people – there are no bots or fake accounts hidden behind the product tester profiles.

Tester Status

Our algorithm calculates the tester status using two factors, among others. The first is the average of the star ratings that the tester has received from dealers for his product ratings, the second is the average of the star ratings that the tester has assigned internally and externally for tested products. These two values are retrieved daily by our system.

The more helpful the tester’s rating is for dealers and potential new customers, the better it will be rated. Dealers can assign 0 (= not helpful at all) to 5 stars (= very helpful) for testers. Product testers with a tester rating of 4 to 5 stars write detailed and helpful ratings and are considered particularly reliable.

Product Tester Profile

As soon as a campaign has received applicants, the seller has the opportunity to select the best product testers from the applicant pool. By clicking on the tester profiles, the seller gains insight into his evaluation history. Here he sees the tester status as well as the platform internal rank of the tester.

Point score

The platform internal rank of the tester is significantly determined by the tester’s point score. The points are awarded to the tester for deal surcharges, internal and external evaluations and for the following:

Order ID deposit: + 5 pts.
Received trader rating – 5 stars : + 15 pts.
Received trader rating – 4 stars : + 5 pts.

Points are deducted for the following:

Received dealer rating – 3 stars : – 5 pts.
Received dealer rating – 1 to 2 stars : – 20 pts.

Ratings given

In addition, you can also see how many deals the tester has received in total via Lutendo and how many ratings he has already made. The seller also has the possibility to view past product reviews of the tester. So the seller can get an idea about his evaluation quality.

If an insight into the profile is desired, this can also be viewed with a click on the corresponding button. The tester profile also indicates whether the corresponding tester has already purchased a product from the seller.

If the individual assessment of the individual applicants is too time-consuming for the seller, then it can be determined in advance during the creation of the campaign that the campaign is only played out to the best product testers – the so-called premium product testers.

This depends on the speed of the client (how fast was the application approved, communication with the tester) and on the product or the service itself. A garlic press, for example, can be evaluated faster than a food supplement in which the desired effect is not immediately noticeable.

We don’t give the testers any guidelines regarding the evaluation, but the testers know that they should only apply for products to which they have an overall positive attitude. After all, retailers don’t give discounts etc. to generate negative reviews on product pages or company profiles. Lutendo reacts immediately to negatively rated product testers – there is no second chance for this type of product tester according to the product tester agreement.

Testers should rate honestly. Since our testers know that negative feedback on product pages would be bad for the entrepreneurs, it comes very rarely to negative reviews on the product page. Most testers then write the negative rating for the product only on Lutendo, so that the entrepreneur can optimize his product accordingly.

Ratings are usually deleted based on product testers and are not product-related. This means that in some cases all reviews written by a certain product tester disappear – regardless of whether he has bought and rated the product at the normal price, through cashback or a tester platform. Since product testers do not only buy and rate discounted items, the seller who does not use a product tester platform always has a greater disadvantage than the seller who does review management.

As soon as it is determined that a product tester cannot rate a product in a deals campaign, he is immediately blocked for the respective sections on the platform. Do not forget to comment on each product tester after a campaign. Your rating and comment will help other sellers to determine the testers feedback quality and improve the overall tester quality on the platform.

The product testers usually have ample experience in the field of product testing and write more helpful reviews than the average consumer. On the one hand it is about product and listing optimization and on the other hand about the passing on of important information about the product to potential customers. These kind of reviews are often marked as helpful and are placed at the top of the review section on a listing.

In principle, this is not necessary. The product tester knows what is important and should help the entrepreneur, not harm his business. Product testers with a negative attitude are not able to receive further deal approvals. Should there be discrepancies contrary to expectations, there is always the possibility to interact to sort the matter.

Yes. To keep the received products, they take the time to properly assess and evaluate it.

You can easily upgrade to one of the next package models in the settings.

You can book additional applicants into your campaign for a fee in the respective campaign overview in the campaign details.

Even after termination, the internal chat of Lutendo remains accessible to you. Here you can, for example, filter the chat for testers who have not yet been reimbursed in order to set the reimbursement process in motion. The testers can also tell you their PayPal address etc. via the chat.

With Social Deals campaigns and Lutendo Micro Influencers you can not only fight against negative rating actions, but also increase your reach and awareness on various social media channels to exploit unused potential. Positive reviews on your Google My Business profile can quickly get you into the Google Local Pack. This placement has a proven positive effect on your customer inquiries.

For example, if you have booked the Professional package with Lutendo and have 10 campaigns available per month, you can use 5 campaigns for online marketplaces and 5 campaigns for different social media channels.

You can create Social Deals campaigns individually according to your wishes and needs. In the settings, you can define for which channel the campaign is intended, and you can also determine the offer of the campaign itself. Would you like to collect votes with the Lutendo testers and raffle attractive prizes among the participants? Then design a campaign like this! When creating a campaign, choose Contact as an option instead of Discount or Refund and inform the participants about the conditions of the competition in the campaign notes.

It’s simple: Start a social campaign on Lutendo. For example: Saturday only 10 Euro for a 30-min treatment – in return we want an honest evaluation on Facebook and Google. You see the possibilities with the Social Deals campaign are manifold.

Start Lutendo with a review campaign to show off the most interesting customer opinions on your offers. In the next step you can possibly create a social campaign: “Advertise my product on Facebook & Instagram with a post and a 20% voucher code for your friends and readers created by us and get our skateboard worth 40 euros for free!

Absolutely. With Lutendo, not only entrepreneurs, but also freelancers and content creators from every industry can improve their reach and brand awareness. Whether you want to promote Youtube videos from your music/beauty channel or your Instagram profile, Lutendo’s social deals campaigns can help.

Basically this is not necessary. If, contrary to expectations, there should be discrepancies, there is the possibility to interact so that these can be clarified.

Tester FAQ

Questions and answers for testers and those who would like to become testers at Lutendo.

Simply register for free here and test products (Amazon, Ebay, online shops) and services.

To become a product tester on Lutendo you must be over 18 years old and you need a verified marketplace and/or social media account (Google, Facebook) as well as good English skills. Moreover you should enjoy testing out innovative products. Testers need to be reliable and honest.

You can apply for as many campaigns as you like – some campaigns will automatically unlock you, others will be reviewed manually by the sellers. Please keep in mind that received codes/ deals should be redeemed. Thus, only apply for products and services you are clearly interested in.

Sellers can either assign their products or services manually or through an automatic process. Your tester status is important here since sellers offer their products at a discounted price with the intention of obtaining meaningful reviews.

As soon as you receive a surcharge, you will be notified by email and you can view the product in the menu item Surcharges in Received Surcharges. Please also check your chat messages, the seller may have sent you more information about the further process. If the seller has not given you a search path, you can follow the product link and buy the product on the specified marketplace (either with or without a voucher, depending on the type of campaign you are participating in). Now the ordering process will be done normally. The product is placed in the shopping cart, a possible voucher code is entered in the checkout process and then you click on Buy. Please deposit the Order ID/ Order ID in your Lutendo account with the product.

The indication of the order number is indispensable for the refund. Please enter it as soon as possible in the surcharges menu with the corresponding product.

To participate in most refund campaigns, you need to provide your PayPal information. Submitting this information significantly increases the chances that your application will be accepted by the seller.

Please read the conditions the seller has set for this kind of campaign before applying to avoid misunderstandings later on, e.g. regarding the repayment. In cashback campaigns, the seller decides how and when the repayment for the product test will be made (immediately after purchase, before purchase, after submitting an internal rating). If you do not agree with the terms of the campaign, please do not apply for it.

In all Lutendo campaigns you can keep the tested product at the end. In special test missions you also get a fee from the sellers for your effort. This can amount up to 25 Euro. If you successfully complete many test missions, you can redeem your points for cash and non-cash prizes on Lutendo.

Traders from various online marketplaces are active on Lutendo. So you can find products from all possible categories. In the social deals you will usually find services that you can test – such as restaurants, cafes, cosmetics studios and much more.