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You are interested in Facebook reviews and want to know the possibilities of Lutendo? We are happy to advise you!

Buy Facebook Reviews – Your company in focus

Facebook reaches with its platforms and services like Instagram, Whatsapp & Co. currently about 2.3 billion people – thus about a third of all mankind. Therefore it is extremely important that your company or your service is perfectly positioned on Facebook & Co. and shines with positive ratings.

At least since Facebook’s “Zero” update, companies have had to rethink to reach customers with their content on the world’s most popular social media channel. Advertising and corporate posts are no longer prioritized with the update and need to make room for content shared by friends and family. Specially shared recommendations from the acquaintance circle are preferred in the news feed. For companies, the Facebook update means that collaborating with influencers is more important than ever to bring their brand content to a wider audience. In fact, more social media users are following the recommendations of influencers than sponsored content and ads. That’s exactly what Facebook has been offering since mid-2018: “Would you recommend company XYZ or not?”?

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The perfect protection against negative reviews

Straight on Facebook, leaving a negative rating for an unsatisfied customer or even competitor is quite simply possible – the effect on the company is enormous, since you can only prove to a regular guest how good the service offered really is. Many positive recommendations, on the other hand, increase the chance to win more inquiries and customers and protect them as “buffers” against negative ratings, attacks or even a shitstorm. Also the engagement of users with their own contents in the form of comments, likes, shares leads to the fact that the contributions are rated as relevant and ranked better in the news feeds. A profile with many positive voices creates trust with potential customers and this is exactly where we start with a tried and tested and very successful system, which we have already implemented with many thousands of customers.

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You are interested in Facebook reviews and want to know the possibilities of Lutendo? We are happy to advise you!

Generate Facebook reviews with just a few clicks

Creating campaigns is child’s play. With just a few clicks you can define the framework conditions for your campaign, which our testers will then apply for. We will be happy to advise you on the most effective way to create a campaign. You don’t have the time or the desire to take care of the campaign creation? Then use our Managed Campaigns.

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step 1: Planning

Decide for which platform your campaign is intended. You can simultaneously run marketplace and social campaigns on Lutendo. Define the campaign type and all key data.

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step 2: activate

The more attractive the offer/discount, the more applicants you get on your campaign and the more choice you have in choosing the most qualified testers. Set the duration, set filters and determine which testers should advertise your product.

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Step 3: Launch

The campaign is automatically activated and goes online on Lutendo. You can edit running campaigns to exchange pictures or links. Contact the product testers to make further arrangements.

Lutendo – The #1 for affordable & serious reviews

Find the best price at Lutendo! We do not charge any extra if a verified review is published. All verified reviews, which are maximum possible in your package, are already included in the monthly price.


You generate ratings from real customers who have also tested your service live on site. Facebook uses the location marker to see if the tester was on site (verified ratings are worth gold!).

independent FEEDBACK

Receive verified reviews, recommendations, likes & dislikes from product testers about your company, service or content on Facebook.

Cost effective advertising

You generate cost-effective advertising for your company or service and reach your potential target group very effectively via our platform directly or indirectly.

What distinguishes Lutendo from other providers

Many reviewers use bots and fake accounts to generate reviews and reviews. The result: Sooner or later these will be recognized and deleted. On Amazon fake reviews can also lead to an exclusion of the product.

Lutendo has a better approach: we have the largest network of experienced product testers who can provide you with high quality reviews. The advantage is that real people write the reviews and thus do not violate the guidelines. The risk of a deleted review is therefore zero. Rely on our many years of experience. Our support will be happy to advise you comprehensively on all topics.

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You are interested in Facebook reviews and want to know the possibilities of Lutendo? We are happy to advise you!

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